“The one who has experienced the pleasure of creative process (art), finds all other pleasures to be non essential”. Anton Chekhov

Welcome to Ottawa Fine Arts Academy, place of high quality education in music, theatre, dance and visual art for children and adults in Ottawa!

We offer wide range of private music lessons and group classes in all four arts in various areas of Ottawa. By investing in arts, our growing community helps to build stronger,  happier and more positive children and adults in Ottawa. We welcome you to try the classes we offer and attend some of our community events where our teachers and students present their work.

Our teachers:


  • My 6 years old son is a natural actor – like, I’m sure, almost every kid of his age. But I myself was very shy when I was a child and hated being on stage. Probably that’s why I was always thinking about a theatre class for my boy. I believe this class will help him prevent and overcome performance anxiety in the future – and it’s so important to be a good performer to have a successful career and happier life nowadays! Tatyana is an amazing teacher – I’m happy we have joined this class!

  • I’m an adult violin beginner who has been working with Anna Baksheeva for several months now, and it’s my pleasure to write this testimonial for her. Anna brings such energy and passion to music, and her enthusiasm is both contagious and inspiring. Every lesson I learn how to make my favourite songs sound better. At my age, I will never become a professional musician but Anna strikes the right balance between advancing my musical confidence/skills/theory knowledge and simply enjoying the journey. I always look forward to our lessons and am so happy that violin has become a regular part of my life.