Welcome to Ottawa Fine Arts Academy, a place for high quality education and
skill- building in music, theatre, dance and visual art for children and adults in Ottawa!
Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Ottawa Fine Arts Academy! 


Dear friends, parents and students,

Our creative staff warmly welcomes and invites you to join us in our exciting journey,  whether you come as a student, parent, spectator, or a friend and donor of the Fine Arts. We are glad to share with you our experiences, skills, traditions we represent, and our love for what we do. We full-heartedly believe in the ultimate value of art and its influence on the development of the overall wellbeing of every child and adult.

This is not the first time that all major divisions of the arts – theatre, visual art, music and dance – are gathered together under one roof in order to create, work, and foster the highest human values while inspiring new generations of connoisseurs of the arts, creative people, and artists of the future.

Our academy is so designed as to provide an environment, a fertile soil common to the diverse arts so our students can grow, cultivate new friends, be surrounded by like-minded people where healthy critique and support are offered freely, supporting the fullest engagement and natural competition with peers for the sake of greater art. We are hoping to give all our students an opportunity to find their unique artistic voice and the context to dedicate their time to it while sharing their greatest moments with our community.

The Ottawa Fine Arts Academy is proud of our selection of teachers who represent a wide spectrum of the arts and skill sets. All of them are highly accomplished in their teaching and performance careers.

Special Thanks… 

I would like to thank our support team: Emily Chen, designer, who created a great logo for our academy and was one of the first people who believed in this project and supported it; dear friends Andrei Aleksandrov and Anastasia Krachkovskaya, our patient website designers who remained steadfast with our teachers in their constant requests and complaints; Wayne Irschick for his assiduousness in proper English grammar and syntax.

I give many thanks to my mother, Galina Baksheeva, professor of theatre and speech in the Far Eastern Arts Academy (Vladivostok Russia) for being my main inspiration and support for this academy. Without my husband Bruce and his unending support, encouragement and love, this academy would not have started.I thank our children for their patience with me as I work on this project. I hope they will grow to love all the Arts as much as I do!

Kindly yours,

Anna Baksheeva

Mission and Vision Statement

Ottawa Fine Arts Academy:

  • Offers a wide range of ongoing private music lessons, group classes, Arts camps, Arts related community events, master classes, recitals and educational initiatives in various areas of Ottawa.
  • Represents a growing VIRTUAL community (we don’t own a big building; we rent existing community spaces) of professional artists, Arts educators, students, parents, supporters  of Arts in Ottawa.
  • Strives to build the curriculums by following the best traditions of classic Fine Arts education in North America, Western and Eastern Europe and Russia.
  • Accepts all levels of students and ensures their progress and good results.
  • Provides many community performance opportunities for its students and teachers.
  • Helps advanced students to prepare for the next levels of their professional career: auditions, portfolios, talent shows, recitals preparations, master classes with professors of University of Ottawa and guest artists.
  • Believes in the power of Arts to inspire and engage individuals while building enlightened community

My 6 years old son is a natural actor – like, I’m sure, almost every kid of his age. But I myself was very shy when I was a child and hated being on stage. Probably that’s why I was always thinking about a theatre class for my boy. I believe this class will help him prevent and overcome performance anxiety in the future – and it’s so important to be a good performer to have a successful career and happier life nowadays! Tatyana is an amazing teacher – I’m happy we have joined this class!

Я всегда мечтала о занятиях театром для сына. И когда узнала, что в Канате скоро открывается такой курс, сомнений не было – мы записываемся! Татьяна Петровна – талантливый и вдохновленный преподаватель. Занятия помогают ребенку раскрепоститься, развивают речь. В частности, ребенок полюбил скороговорки, которыми я не могла заинтересовать его раньше. В первом семестре они читали по ролям “Балладу о королевском бутерброде”, и сын был королем 🙂 На каждом занятии дети учатся правильно двигаться на сцене, танцуют и даже успевают нарисовать небольшой рисунок. Горячо рекомендую этот курс всем знакомым родителям.

“My daughter has been with the Ottawa Fine Arts since September 2016 and she absolutely loves it. She is much more social, remembers things better, and has much more courage in front of a group. She asks me everyday if it’s time for dance class. She adores Miss April.”

My kids love Ottawa Fine Arts! They always look forward to their art and violin classes. I have seen their appreciation and love for the arts grow so much. And I am absolutely positive it is because of their art and violin classes. We look forward to continuing with Ottawa Fine Arts in their young and formative years.

I’m an adult violin beginner who has been working with Anna Baksheeva for several months now, and it’s my pleasure to write this testimonial for her. Anna brings such energy and passion to music, and her enthusiasm is both contagious and inspiring. Every lesson I learn how to make my favourite songs sound better. At my age, I will never become a professional musician but Anna strikes the right balance between advancing my musical confidence/skills/theory knowledge and simply enjoying the journey. I always look forward to our lessons and am so happy that violin has become a regular part of my life.


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