Support Ottawa Fine Arts Academy

Ottawa Fine Arts Academy is a multilevel Fine Arts education company that is run by artists without big bucks and investments, started from the ground zero on pure enthusiasm and faith in the value of Arts for community. We do need help to make this project work and serve to children and adults in Ottawa in their strive to learn good skills in Arts. We deeply appreciate and value any help and support that you may offer us.

OFAA accepts donations in form of

  • Art Supplies
  • Space usage
  • Dance and theatre costumes, footwear and clothing
  • Theatre props
  • Stage set building materials and building and fixing skills
  • Music instruments including toddler music instruments like shakers, drums, xylophones, etc.
  • Business advice and marketing skills
  • Monetary Donations (please use link below and donate through our automated system using pay pal or credit card)

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We thank you kindly for all your support of the Fine Arts in Ottawa. Your contribution will make difference in lives of people and your community!