Tatiana Duneuskaya

Tatiana Duneuskaya started actively being interested and participating in theatrical projects when she was a student in Minsk Linguistic University, Belarus. The student theatre group mounted several modern and classical spectacles for the public. Upon Tatiana’s graduation, she got involved with the Theatre of Small Forms where the participants produced mostly the drama of Ostrovsky and Chekhov.

Immigrated to Canada, Tatiana decided to maintain her interest in theatre receiving a high education in Acting, Theatre and Dramaturgy in the University of Ottawa. Parallelly, she worked for the Broken English Theatre Company that aimed to enrich the Ottawa community by producing plays, developing new stage works and organizing annual writing competitions for the newcomers.

In the past 4 years, Tatiana was actively contributing to the pedagogical work of the Russian heritage school for children “Success” and its daycare centre “Matreshka.” Besides her duties in teaching, Tatiana actively participates in preparing children’s shows, teaching acting, as well as working on new scripts.


Theatre classes held at the School of Fine Art are based on the principles of the classical Russian theatre school methodology that includes various exercises on attention, concentration, imagination and logic development, tension release while introducing theatrical terminology in a playful form. The central part in this system is given to speech. The children learn how to speak clearly pronouncing every phoneme in words, how to project the voice in order to be heard by the audience. With the help of tongue twisters and numerous exercises, the young students learn the speech articulation. Every class aims to children’s education introducing famous works from literature, music and painting.